Thursday, October 11, 2007

Launch of Human Rights Focus

Today the urgency of the campaign against human rights violations in Iran cannot be overstated. With the increasing tide of opposition from every section of Iranian society to its rule, the clerical dictatorship resorts to harsher and more brutal measures to secure its hold on power. In these critical times I feel a vital need for a steadfast and collective effort on the issue of human rights in our country. Today, on 10 October as we mark the annual World Day against the Death Penalty, I have selected a team of fellow compatriots to start a new section in my website devoted to the issue of human rights. The struggle to put an end to the death penalty, torture and all forms of persecution is part and parcel of the fight for the establishment of democracy in our beloved homeland. It cannot be divorced from the eradication of a regime that survives by suppressing its own population and terrorizing the rest of the world.

Human rights violations concern all Iranians regardless of their political affiliation. I welcome cooperation in the campaign against human rights violations from all political groups and civil society organizations that are genuinely working for the establishment of liberty and democracy in Iran. I believe that exchange of information, analysis and expertise can greatly contribute to raising the level of public awareness and solidarity essential in the fight against the systematic abuse of human rights.

In addition to gathering facts and figures about atrocities committed under the rule of the Islamic Republic, the aforementioned team will devote its energies to sensitizing the collective consciousness of the international community and constructing bridges of trust and understanding between various forces opposing human rights violations in Iran. By now it has become quite clear to the majority of Iranians that either we learn to resist tyranny and injustice together or are condemned to be cornered one at a time by the brutal forces of a fanatical and inhuman regime.

Reza Pahlavi

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007