Monday, July 26, 2010

Chris De Burgh & Arian Band

There are those who think that love comes with a lifetime guarantee
But we know from those around us, that this may not always be
It’s the simple things that come between a father and a son
But when they try to talk, the knives are out before they have begun

Well that was me, and I have seen the light that shines for eternity
Because I learned to say the words “I love you”

Bebin che ghalbhâyi shekastand, tooye daste roozegâr
Bebin cheshmhâyi ro ke gashtand, peye noori moondegâr
Az eshgho bâvar, bâyad ke âkhar, beshe labriz delâmoon
Ye roozi har jâ, por beshe donyâ az tanine sedâmoon

Pas biâ bâ har zaboon, to ham bekhoon, bekhoon âsheghoone kenâram
Faryâd bezan begoo:"Doostet dâram"

And this endless road that we are on just keeps on going round
But there’s one destination that always is here to be found

So come with me
Bâ man biâ
and you will see
to ham bebin
The light that shines for eternity
Be strong and learn to say the words “I love you”
Faryâd bezan begoo:"Doostet dâram"
The words “I love you ”
"Doostet dâram"
The words “I love you”